RoboHelp Project Recovery

RoboHelp Project Recovery

It may happen that you lose your RoboHelp project. For instance, your backup became corrupted or a contractor failed to give you the source files. In any of these cases you must recreate the project from the source files. Recovering from the output files is no walk in the park. It takes a monstrous amount of time to import all topics, clean the topics, recreate the TOC, etcetera. Even a small project can cost you several days!

Recovery Scripts

Fortunately, I offer several scripts that automate this process. Recovering your project will now take as long as getting a cup of coffee! See the page Recovery scripts for all the available scripts.

Recovery Service

I also offer a RoboHelp Recovery Service. For only € 69.99* I will  recover your project. And I will also check your project manually for optimum recovery. Contact me if you would like to use this service. Be sure to attach your output or a download link for the output you want to recover.

* Taxes apply

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