Recording of Multiscreen HTML5 & Responsive HTML5 Webinar Available

Did you miss my webinar on Multiscreen HTML5 and Responsive HTML5 with RoboHelp? This webinar is the first part of a two part webinar series on Responsive HTML5 in RoboHelp. The following recorded webinars are available:

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Adobe RoboHelp: Merging Responsive HTML5 Help

Merging Resposive HTML5 works the same as merging WebHelp. It is as easy as creating a master project, child projects, linking the child projects and publishing. When compared to WebHelp, there is just one thing to be aware of: publishing.

What is merged help?

With merged Multiscreen HTML5 you present the output from multiple RoboHelp projects as a single output. The table of contents, index, glossary and search are all unified.

Install a RoboHelp Generated app on your Android Device

It's great that you can generate native Android apps from RoboHelp. But it is not always clear how to install this app on your android device. This post shows how to install the app on your Android Device.

Installing the app on your device consists of three steps:

  1. Place the app on your device.
  2. Preparing your device.
  3. Installing the app.

Note: Depending on your device and the apps you use, the images may diff

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Adobe RoboHelp: Enable Pinch to Zoom in Android App

Since RoboHelp 10 you can create native Android apps directly from RoboHelp. This option packages a Multiscreen HTML5 output or a Responsive HTML5 output into a native app. You can install this app and view your content offline on any Android device. It was however not possible to zoom in on the content in apps generated by RoboHelp.

Many thanks to Adobe for helping finding out...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Filtering WebHelp search results

At the company I work, many of our applications consist of multiple modules. One of the things we missed in RoboHelp was the ability to search only a specific module. Therefore we’ve added a filter mechanism to the RoboHelp search. This mechanism works on RoboHelp 9, 10 and 11.

The filter just checks whether the topics are in the module indicated by checking the topic title. The filter just checks whether the title starts with the name/abbreviation of the module chosen. If the title...

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RoboHelp 11 review

Adobe released a new version of their Technical Communication Suite last week. The Techcomm suite includes FrameMaker 12, RoboHelp 11, Captivate 7, Illustrator and Presenter. Since my expertise is RoboHelp, I will focus on RoboHelp 11 only in this review. And there is more than enough to tell about that.

Highlight Search Results in Topics With ZoomSearch

Zoomsearch by Wrensoft is a popular tool to add a better search function to RoboHelp’s WebHelp output. This tool became popular when the search function from WebHelp left some to be desired. But even now ZoomSearch offers much more flexibility than the regular WebHelp search.

The only thing still missing with ZoomSearch was the ability to highlight search results in topics. In this article I show you how to add topic highlighting to WebHelp...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Using Images in Variables

Variable sets, which I've written about previously, allow you to define groups of definitions for a variable which allows you to easily support differently branded products from a single RoboHelp project. This week I want to show you another cool variables feature: images.

You can easily reuse images in multiple RoboHelp topics. Since the images that appear in the topics are linked externally to the original image, when you...

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RH10: Show/Hide Navigation Pane Links in Topics

The WebHelp code has been completely rewritten in RoboHelp 10. This had the unfortunate consequence that some scripts created for RoboHelp 9 did not work. One of these scripts is my script for adding Links for Showing and Hiding the WebHelp Navigation Pane in Topics. This post shows how you can get the same functionality in RoboHelp 10.

Adobe RoboHelp: Variable Sets

I've previously shown you how to use variables in topic titles. As discussed in that article, variables allow you to quickly update text throughout a project. For example, variables are particularly handy should your boss decide to rebrand the project two days before your deadline.


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