Change iPad_Layout Content Background Color

By default, the iPad_Layout uses an orange background for all content. Unlike changing the search highlight color, changing a background requires you to change the CSS of the iPad_Layout. For this post I assume you have a basic knowledge of HTML and that you have some basic knowledge of CSS.

If you want to change the highlight color you need to determine which colors you want to use. You need a background...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Variables in Topic Titles

User Defined Variables have been a RoboHelp staple for a few years now. Variables are placeholders for text that you need to use throughout a RoboHelp project (e.g.: a product name). You might be using the product name thousands of times within hundreds of RoboHelp topics. Should you need to change the name of the product, you would have to go through the entire project and manually change the product name, one-by-one (or use RoboHelp's Find/Change feature).

Expand selected Drop-downs by default

In a previous post I have shown you how to expand all drop-downs by default when the page is loaded. Recently I was asked whether it is possible to expand only select drop-downs when the page load. Most certainly! But it requires a little more work from the author.

To expand only select drop-downs, you need to change the ehlpdhtm.js file and you need to specify...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Embed Captivate HTML5 Output

Adobe Captivate 6 introduced HTML5 output, allowing eLearning content to be interactive on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. By combining Captivate's and RoboHelp's HTML5 outputs, you can easily support interactivity for iPhones and iPad in your help system. Currently only RoboHelp's Multiscreen HTML5 output supports Captivate's HTML5 output. Other outputs, such as WebHelp, only support Captivate's Flash output.

Adobe RoboHelp: Using SharePoint for Version Control

In a previous article I showed you how you can use SharePoint to host a shared review. You'll be happy to learn that with RoboHelp 10, you can also use SharePoint for version control. Version control is a method by which you store all project files on a server. You work with a local copy and synchronize all changes with the server. The benefits of using version control include:

  • Version history: the server...
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Updated the WebHelp Toolbar scripts

The toolbar script is a useful script to add extra features to your WebHelp toolbar.

This update (version 20130810) improves the show and hide dropdown functionalities: They are now compatible with RoboHelp 10's multiple twistie images.

The supported functions are:

Book Review: Mobile Usability

I’m always on the lookout for interesting books and articles on best practices for mobile user assistance. Unfortunately, most books focus on mobile design and not on user assistance. (Or on the difference between OS’s.) The book Mobile Usability differs from many other books in that it presents many usability considerations for mobile. It is not just about best practices for where to place buttons in a mobile app. The book even has a chapter on writing content for mobile.

I always...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Using Multiple Twisty Styles

In the previous post I showed you how to use Twisties (images) with RoboHelp drop-down menus. The Twisties indicate to a user if a drop-down menu is open or closed.

Twisties example

Adobe RoboHelp: Working with Twisties

Twisties are images you include with DHTML drop-downs and DHTML expanding texts. The twisties indicate whether a drop-down is opened or closed. This gives a visual indication to readers that they can get more information.

Save Custom Screen Profile as Default

Multiscreen HTML5 output is a Single Source Layout introduced in RoboHelp 10. This web based output uses the latest version of HTML (HTML5). Multiscreen HTML5 has several unique features that make it stand out above traditional web based outputs such as: no more frames, support for multiple devices and unique layout and content for specific devices.


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