Complex Tasks, UXD and Service Design

In the previous post I have given my view of the way different content systems are going: merging toward a single system that serves the correct content for the user. This is just part of the changes we face, as User Experience Design (UXD) and Service Design...

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Help, Knowledge Bases and Intelligent User Assistance

The following is a situation that may be all too familiar to many authors: there are manuals in print, online help, training manuals and a support site with a knowledge base. Fortunately, the print manuals and the help are being single sourced. But what about the knowledge base?

In my experience, knowledge bases are frequently separate applications that are being updated by support consultants. With luck, the support consultants reuse content from the manual, but much too often do...

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Challenges and Opportunities in the Decade Ahead

June 12th 2013 was marked by AdobeDay 2013. Colum McAndrew has provided a wonderful overview over the main presentations off the day on his blog. As Colum noted, the panel discussion started late, so there was too little time for a thorough discussion.

In this post I will work out the points I want to expand on my views of the challenges and opportunities in...

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Adobe RoboHelp: SharePoint Shared Review

Last week I wrote about Shared Reviews using Adobe RoboHelp. The Shared Review works by creating a PDF and importing the reviewed PDF into RoboHelp. This method works if only one or two others need to review your content. If you want multiple people to review your content, it is easier to use a server to collect reviews centrally.

Many companies use SharePoint for team collaboration. And with Adobe's ...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Shared Review

When creating content within my Help System, I often put my content through a review process. Reviews help to ensure my content is correct and easy to understand.

A recurring question by RoboHelp users is how they can use RoboHelp to gather reviews efficiently. Fortunately, RoboHelp has a review option that allows reviewers who don't own Adobe RoboHelp to review your RoboHelp content. The only thing reviewers need is a PDF of your RoboHelp content, Adobe Acrobat or the free Adobe...

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Recording of Beyond Help Webinar Available

Missed my webinar "Beyond Help: Aggregate content with RoboHelp"? You can view the recording on

In this webinar I show you how you can use RoboHelp to aggregate content from Word, FrameMaker and even PDF documents to efficiently create help. I show you how you can link both Word and FrameMaker files so that you quickly update your RoboHelp project whenever the source content changes.

IE10 patch for RoboHelp 8 installation

Last month, Adobe released a fix for WebHelp. WebHelp didn't work on Internet Explorer 10. Adobe kindly provided the fix for RoboHelp 10 and RoboHelp 9. Because Adobe did not provide a patch for RoboHelp 9 'seed files', I created a custom patch for RoboHelp 9 installations.

Because some people requested a similar for...

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Supporting Android Phones with Adobe RoboHelp

RoboHelp 10 allows you to support a wide range of devices. RoboHelp detects a user's device and automatically presents the content in the optimal format for that specific device. While this is a great new RoboHelp feature, sometimes things can go wrong.

For example, last week a client reported that his RoboHelp content was displaying correctly across all devices except his Samsung Galaxy SIII. Instead of using the Android layout as instructed, the device consistently used the Desktop...

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Maintenance Update for RoboHelp ExtendScript Library

A maintenance update for the RoboHelp ExtendScript Library is now available. This maintenance update brings improved compatibility of the library with RoboHelp 10 scripting events.

Recording of SEO in RoboHelp Webinar Now Available

Did you miss my webinar on SEO with RoboHelp? The recording is now available on

In this webinar I show you what SEO is and how you can use SEO techniques to make content easier to find for your readers. We will look a general best practices for SEO but also at RoboHelp specific features that help your users find the content they need.

Note: If you're interested in SEO...

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