IE10 patch for RoboHelp 9 installation

IE10 patch for RoboHelp 9 installation

A few days ago, Adobe released a fix for WebHelp. WebHelp didn't work on Internet Explorer 10. Adobe kindly provided the fix for RoboHelp 10 and RoboHelp 9. Unfortunately they didn't include a patch for the RoboHelp 9 installation (aka 'seed files'). That means that you must patch your RoboHelp 9 output every time you generate WebHelp.

I created a RoboHelp 9 installation patch so that RoboHelp directly generates the correct WebHelp. Download the zip archive and follow the instructions to patch your RoboHelp 9 installation.

  • This patch is not sanctioned by Adobe. I tested this patch as well as I could, but I do not offer any warranty. Use this patch at your own risk.
  • This fix is only for RoboHelp 9! Do not install this fix on other versions of RoboHelp as this will break your WebHelp. For RoboHelp 10, see Adobe's original patch.
  • UPDATE: If you see empty pages on IE10 after applying the fix, you are experiencing an IE bug. Check the following message for a fix:


Download the patchDownload the RoboHelp 9 patch
  1. Download the zip archive and unzip it.
  2. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the installation directory of RoboHelp. Normally this is C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9.
  3. Go to the folder RoboHTML.
  4. Unzip the zip file to a temporary location.
  5. Copy the contents of the unzipped file (a folder WebHelp5Ext) into the folder RoboHTML.
  6. Click Yes to all to overwrite the existing files and folders.

Your RoboHelp installation is fixed. Generate your help to make it compatible with Internet Explorer 10.


Dan Comly's picture

THANK YOU! This worked. Fabulously. Thank you!

Ovais's picture

I would appreciate it alot if there was a patch for RH 8 ..

Willam van Weelden's picture
Resi's picture

i'm trying to find a way to link an Excel file to a WebHelp project.  i need the user to be able to click on the file, go to Excel, and work on the spreadsheet.  any ideas?

Willam van Weelden's picture

For allowing users to edit Excel, there are three (easy) ways I can think of:

  1. Put the Excel sheet on SharePoint and link to the document in SharePoint. Internet Explorer will open the spreadsheet in Excel or in edit mode in the browser.
  2. Use Google Docs.
  3. Use Office 365 to edit the file online.

Since Excel is not a web technology, regular browsers can’t edit Excel. Instead, they download a copy of the file. Only a web based solution as SharePoint or Google Docs will allow you edit Excel documents in the browser.

mkulm's picture

Has the generated WebHelp from this fix been tested on IE browsers other than IE10? The reason I ask is because Adobe's IE10 fix seems to cause WebHelp to not render in IE8.

Willam van Weelden's picture
Jeff Weil's picture

Thanks for the IE 10 Fix for Robo 9. I noticed that now it doesn't work on Chrome.  Is there any solution for that?

Willam van Weelden's picture

Does the WebHelp no longer work on Chrome when hosted on a server? I ask because RH9 WebHelp will not work on Chrome when viewed locally. I suspect this might be the problem.

andrew wake's picture

Does this patch work if you are using Robohelp 9 to generate WebHelp without a skin (i.e, Traditional style -no skin)? 

Willam van Weelden's picture

This fix does nothing for Traditional style - no skin. This is because the files affected by this patch are only used when you create help with a skin.

As far as I can gather from Adobe's patches, the Traditional style should not have any problems on IE10 to begin with.

Julie Criswell's picture

We use WebHelp Pro deployment to RoboHelp Server 9 with a custom skin. We don't already have the template_skin and template_skinpreview files in the program directory for me to overwrite.  Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks in advance. 

Willam van Weelden's picture

Are you looking in the correct folder? The RoboHelp installation folder is the same, regardless of the output you are creating. (And this fix should work for WebHelp Pro as well, though I can't test that myself.)

The default directory where you must unpack the patch is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe RoboHelp 9\RoboHTML\WebHelp5Ext

Julie Criswell's picture

If only I was a Technical Writer who paid attention to detail! I was still in the RoboHTML directory.
So sorry.

rebecca rowe's picture

It's great that you are offering a patch to RoboHelp 8. I added the patch and re-compiled my RoboHelp files. However, the only way that the Online Help table of contents shows up in IE 10 is in compatibility mode. I'm wondering if you might have any further suggestions?
Many thanks,

Willam van Weelden's picture

You posted this under the RoboHelp 9 patch. Did you apply the RoboHelp 8 patch?

Do you have to set IE10 to compatibility mode manually? Normally it should do it automatically. I have a couple of ideas. Contact me via the contact form, and I can send you an updated patch file to see whether that solves it for you.

lucy forrester's picture

Hi, I copied the files over but i still do not get the related topics links in my output file.  Do you have any solution for this?

Willam van Weelden's picture

This fix only fixes the TOC and topics not showing issues with IE10. The related topics is another issue. Do you only have issues with that in IE10 or also in other browsers?

Lucy Forrester's picture

I only have this issue with IE10.  It is working fine on Firefox for example. 

Jescemine Nongrum's picture

I am using RoboHelp 9 and publishing webhelp and viewing in IE 10 and facing this same issue.
Tried your resolution but it did not help in resolving the issue.
Any suggestions would be helpful .
Thanks & Regards,

Willam van Weelden's picture

What is the behaviour you're seeing? Also, are you running the help locally or from a server? Last, could it be that you must refresh the cache of your browser? (See for instructions)

joanne henry's picture

I see the same prob with RH9 and IE11. The contents and index panels are empty.  The above download doesn't work. Any help would be gratefully received.

Willam van Weelden's picture

If you open the console with F12 and reload the help, does the console tab show any scripting errors?

lucy forrester's picture

not having any problem with ie11.  all contents, indexes and links to related topics displaying properly.

joanne henry's picture

Hi Willam Thanks for your interest. This is what I see:
HTML1527: DOCTYPE expected. Consider adding a valid HTML5 doctype:

And this is the content of the header in the generated index.htm:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="whstart.ico">
<title>TD-Biobank®: The Biorepositories module V03.01.A - Preliminary</title>

<meta name="generator" content="Adobe RoboHelp 9" />
<meta name="description" content="WebHelp 5.50" />


Kathe's picture

I was hoping this would fix my problem, which is that Webhelp created with RH9 and running on IE10 displays the alphabet and numbers when you click Search. (You can't type in a word to search for.)  Do you have any suggestions for fixing this? I already tried the Adobe WebHelp forum and Peter Grainge's website and couldn't find a solution.

Willam van Weelden's picture

Does Internet Explorer show a yellow information bar? By default, IE blocks scripts needed for many functions in WebHelp. If this doesn't help, can you share your project with me? I would like to have a look.

Kathe's picture

Hi William,

No, IE didn't show a yellow info bar. I'm afraid I can't share the file with you, as it belongs to a company for which I've been doing some contract tech writing. According to the permanent tech writer, the Search function worked fine before the company updated to IE10. The Help project does contain some mapping of topics to pages in the app (a web app that runs on IE), but I don't think it contains other scripting.

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