Add LinkedIn Button to RoboHelp Output

In this post I list the steps for adding a LinkedIn share button to both Multiscreen HTML5 and WebHelp outputs. This will allow your users to share links to your help to their LinkedIn news feed. The instructions for WebHelp will work on HTML5, FlashHelp and Browser Based AIR Help as well.

Add Twitter Button to RoboHelp Output

In the webinar on the new Multiscreen HTML5 layouts in RoboHelp 10, I have shown how you can add a tweet button to your screen layout. In this post I list the steps for adding a Tweet button for both Multiscreen HTML5 and WebHelp. The instructions for WebHelp will work on HTML5, FlashHelp and Browser Based AIR Help as well.

Note: The Tweet button will only work correctly on help that is placed on a web...

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Blue Ocean Premium Multiscreen HTML5 Layout

New Premium Multiscreen HTML5 layout  available: Blue Ocean. Blue Ocean is a clean and modern layout inspired by the ocean and it's inhabitants. The layout uses bright blue with green accents for a modern and vibrant effect. This theme is perfect for anyone looking for a modern, clean and joyfull theme.

Recording of Multiscreen HTML5 Webinar Now Available

The recording of the webinar on the new RoboHelp 10 Multiscreen HTML5 layouts is now available. In this free webinar John Daigle and I will introduce you to the new Multiscreen HTML5 capabilities of RoboHelp 10.

New logo

I'm exited to start using my new logo on my site. Since I redesigned my site my old mascot, a text cursor, looked rather out of place.

So I teamed up with my lady friend Pien van Wetten, an incredibly talented young designer (, to make something more appealing.

I'm very happy with what Pien came up with. A pen with ink was too old fashioned. But a mouse cursor that resembles a pen is a modern...

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Updated Script: Recover Project from WebHelp Output

I just updated the script to recover a RoboHelp project from a WebHelp or WebHelp Pro output. The script will now replace the Mini TOC with a snippet with a Mini TOC placeholder inside.

This new feature makes it easy for you to set up the Mini TOC after recovery. You now only need to change the placeholder in the snippet to change the appearance of all the Mini TOCs used in the project.

Recover RoboHelp Project from WebHelp (Pro) Output

You may have had the situation where you needed to recover your project from your output file. If you have ever been in this unfortunate situation, you know what an immense amount of work it is to recover your project that way.

Links for Showing and Hiding the WebHelp Navigation Pane in Topics

This post shows you how to add show/hide links for the navigation pane in your topics.

Note: Update @2013-10-22: This script works only with RoboHelp 9 and earlier. For RoboHelp 10, see RH10: Show/Hide Navigation Pane Links in Topics

Getting Started With ExtendScript in RoboHelp

One of the most powerful and perhaps one of the most neglected features of RoboHelp is scripting. Scripting allows you to automate repetitive tasks and can save you many hours of dull work. A script can reset image dimensions, convert text to variables, add index entries, create context sensitivity, count the words in your project, and so on.

Custom WebHelp APIs

An API is an application programming interface. For WebHelp this is the interface used to call help context sensitive. Adobe provides several default APIs but these APIs do not support all the methods of context sensitivity that WebHelp supports. Therefore I have created several custom WebHelp APIs to unlock the potention of RoboHelp WebHelp output.

The API with an included test application is available for the following languages:


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