#AdobeDay @ UA Europe 2013

This year in Manchester UK, Adobe Day has a doppleganger: Adobe Day @ UA Europe 2013!

Adobe is hosting a free thought leadership and networking platform in Manchester the day before UA Europe 2013. And I'm glad to announce that I will participate in the panel discussion Assisting the Millennial User – Challenges and Opportunities in the Decade Ahead together with Chris Despopoulos, Dave...

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IE10 patch for RoboHelp 9 installation

A few days ago, Adobe released a fix for WebHelp. WebHelp didn't work on Internet Explorer 10. Adobe kindly provided the fix for RoboHelp 10 and RoboHelp 9. Unfortunately they didn't include a patch for the RoboHelp 9 installation (aka 'seed files'). That means that you must patch your RoboHelp 9 output every time you generate WebHelp.

Add a Logo to the HTML5 Catalog Layout

A few weeks ago I showed you how to adjust the search highlight color in Multiscreen HTML5. This week, let's look at how you add your logo to the Multiscreen HTML5 Catalog Layout.

Not all Screen Layouts support logos by default. Fortunately, it is easy to add your logo to the Catalog Layout. To begin, ensure that your logo image meets these requirements:

  • No more than 80 pixels tall
  • ...
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Overview of all Multiscreen HTML5 output files

RoboHelp's new Multiscreen HTML5 output brings many new capabilities to online help. And if, like me, you have ever peek in the output files, you will notice that it looks nothing like traditional webhelp.

To help you understand what the output files do and how you can use them, I've created an index of all output files in Multiscreen HTML5. With this list you see which output files there are, what they do and which variables and functions you can leverage if you want to use...

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Set Multiscreen HTML5 Search Highlight Colour

Multiscreen HTML5 is a new Single Source Layout found in Adobe RoboHelp 10. Multiscreen HTML5 is an output that is accessible on just about any kind of device including desktop and laptop computers running Windows or the Macintosh operating systems, iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.

If you want to control the appearance of Multiscreen HTML5 layouts, there are Screen Layouts, which are often compared to WebHelp Skins. If you've ever used a WebHelp Skin, you know that it is...

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See Also converter available


See Also controls are useful for showing related documents. In RoboHelp, a See Also control shows a popup with which the user can select a related file. This control is handy, but it looks old fashioned and it won't work on mobile devices.

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A merged Help System is one in which two or more independent RoboHelp projects have been combined into a single Help System. The merged Help System shares topics, a TOC, Index and Search.

Why Use Merged Help?

Some RoboHelp projects simply contain too many topics. A project with more than a thousand topics is no problem. But if your Help System contains tens of thousands of topics, performance can be affected. By splitting a large project into multiple parts, you can speed up ...

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Adobe Community Professional badge

I'm happy to announce that Adobe has appointed me as an Adobe Community Professional (ACP). I'm honoured that Adobe invited me to join this program. This is my first term as an ACP and I'm very excited to stand on the front lines when it comes to innovation in technical communication. 

Starting with HTML5: Working with the Screen Layout Editor

If you ever tried to modify or create a Screen Layout, you will have noticed that the Screen Layout Editor sometimes behaves erratic. In short, the editor is not a complete WYSIWYG as it doesn’t support all HTML5 tags and CSS styling. In this article I will point to some limitations of the Screen Layout editor as well as listing a few best practices to help you develop Screen Layout.

Merging Multiscreen HTML5 help

Merging Multiscreen HTML5 help is as easy as creating a master project, child projects, linking the child projects and publishing. Of course there are a few things to be aware of, but it all quite simple.

Merging Multiscreen HTML5 help is also very similar to merging WebHelp but there are some key differences: folder structure and links between projects.

What is merged help?

With merged Multiscreen HTML5 you present the output from multiple RoboHelp projects as a...

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