Recording of SEO in RoboHelp Webinar Available

Recording of SEO in RoboHelp Webinar Now Available

Did you miss my webinar on SEO with RoboHelp? The recording is now available on

In this webinar I show you what SEO is and how you can use SEO techniques to make content easier to find for your readers. We will look a general best practices for SEO but also at RoboHelp specific features that help your users find the content they need.

Note: If you're interested in SEO, also check out my Sitemap generator for RoboHelp.


Download example RoboHelp projectDownload the example RoboHelp project (RH10) used in the webinar

Don't want to download? Check the output from the example project: Search Engine Optimization for RoboHelp

Also, Colum McAndrew wrote an interesting article on findability with RoboHelp. It has many of the same touch points as my webinar. Be sure to check it out: RoboHelp search ranking (seek and ye shall find)


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