Supporting Android Phones with Adobe RoboHelp

Supporting Android Phones with Adobe RoboHelp

I originally wrote this article as a guest post on the IconLogic blog

RoboHelp 10 allows you to support a wide range of devices. RoboHelp detects a user's device and automatically presents the content in the optimal format for that specific device. While this is a great new RoboHelp feature, sometimes things can go wrong.

For example, last week a client reported that his RoboHelp content was displaying correctly across all devices except his Samsung Galaxy SIII. Instead of using the Android layout as instructed, the device consistently used the Desktop layout.

The phone's default display resolution is very high. It is so high, in fact, RoboHelp failed to recognize the device as a phone. The solution to this problem is simple: increase the maximum screen resolution via the Android_Phone Screen Profile. Here's how:

  1. With a RoboHelp project open, go to the Project Set-up pod (View > Pods).
  2. Open Screen Profiles.

Screen Profiles

  1. Double-click Android_Phone to open its Screen Profile.

Screen Profile Properties of the Android_Phone Screen Profile

  1. Set the Maximum width to 1000 pixels.
  2. Set the Maximum height to 1280 pixels.

Screen Profile Properties of the Android_Phone Screen Profile with amended maximum width and height

  1. Click the Save button and then close the dialog box.
  2. Save the project and then Generate the Multiscreen HTML5 layout. (The next time the layout is accessed by the Android phone, it will use the correct layout.)


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