Adobe RoboHelp: The User Defined Variable Converter Script

Adobe RoboHelp: The User Defined Variable Converter Script

User Defined Variables are a great way to manage content that appears frequently in your RoboHelp project. Variables allow you to change all occurrences of say, your company name in your project from a single location.

If you have already created a RoboHelp project but weren't aware of variables, you will be happy to learn that there is a script that quickly converts all occurrences of a word or phrase to a variable.

In my example below, I'm going to use the script to replace the word IconLogic shown below to a variable.

Topic with regular text

  1. Make a backup of your project (this script will update your topics, and its better to be safe than sorry).
  2. Choose Tools > Scripts > UDV Converter with UI.
  3. In the Enter value to replace field, type a word or phrase. (I've entered IconLogic.)
  4. In the Enter new UDV name field, add the name of the variable to be created. In this case, I used CompanyName.
  5. In the Enter UDV value field, add a value for the variable. (In this case, I used the phrase IconLogic, Inc.)

Script settings

  1. Click Convert.

The script will go through the project and convert the text you indicated into a variable. In my example, the word IconLogic changed into the variable CompanyName. Because the value of the variable is IconLogic, Inc, that's the text users will see.

Topic with variables

Note: When running the script, only topic content is updated. (You can see in the image above that the topic title in the tab is left unchanged). If you want to modify the title, you will have to manually apply the variable in the topic title. Also, if your variables aren't green, check out my article about showing variables in topics.


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EXTREMELY HELPFUL. Thank you, William!!!

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