Adobe RoboHelp: Custom Word Title Page

Adobe RoboHelp: Custom Word Title Page
RoboHelp's single sourcing allows you to easily create Word and PDF documents. While the process is easy, there is one thing my Adobe RoboHelp students regularly ask me: how do I change the Word output title page?

The default title page created by RoboHelp has the document title and nothing more. However, there is a neat trick that gives you full control over what appears on the page. And best of all: you maintain it all from RoboHelp!

Create a Topic to Serve as Title Page

The first step is to create a topic that will serve as the title page. You can go all out with text, images, tables, etcetera. For this example, I have created the following topic:

You do not have to add the topic to the TOC as you will only use it for the Word output. In fact, if you know how to use Conditional Tags, consider tagging the title page so it won't end up in your web output.

Using a Topic as Title Page

  1. Open your Printed Documentation Single Source Layout.
  2. Click Next twice to get to the Section Layout page in the SSL properties.

  1. Select <Default Title Page> and click Remove (the green arrow pointing left; it's located between the Topics andSection Layout lists).
  2. On the left side, select the topic to use for the title page and click Add (the arrow pointing right).
  3. If needed, move the topic to the top of the Section Layout. (In the image below, my custom Title Page is shown as the first item in the Section Layout column.)

  1. Click Save and Generate. Your custom Title Page will be the first page in the resulting Word document.



Melinda's picture

Thanks for this. I'm trying to go a little further-- I'm using a custom title page and another topic with copyright information. However, I find that using these topics throws off the page numbering-- the table of contents now starts on page v instead of page i. Do you know of a way to exclude these topics from the page number sequence?

Willam van Weelden's picture

In the dialog where you assign master pages for headers and footers, you can also choose to restart  the page numbering of the document on a specific section. You can have the TOC start at i again. As long as your custom page doesn't show the page number, it should work as you want.

I normally advise against restarting numbering or using different numbering sequences in a document. While it works well on print, it is confusing in a PDF because the page number as reported by the PDF viewer will not be the same as the page shown in the TOC and on the pages themselves.

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