Adobe RoboHelp: Remove Temporary Files Automatically

Adobe RoboHelp: Remove Temporary Files Automatically

Some time ago, a poster on the RoboHelp forum had issues with temporary files not being cleand up by RoboHelp. Fortunately, it is very easy to quicly delete all temporary files with the Windows command line. Not everyone knows the command line, but with a simple batch file, you achieve the same effect.

  1. Download the batch file.
  2. Copy the batch file to the directory where your RoboHelp projects are stored.
  3. Double-click the batch file.

Windows will go through all subfolders and remove all temporary RoboHelp files. A list of removed files will be saved in the file 'deleted_RH_temp_Files.txt'.

Note: Windows Smart Screen may block the batch file.



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