TCEurope Colloquium 2017: I'm Speaking on Philosophy

TCEurope Colloquium 2017

TCEurope Colloquium is a one day, free conference about technical writing. This year, the colloquium will be held on April 7th in Helsinki, Finland. The conference is a great chance to meet like minded professionals from all over Europe. The conference is also a great place to keep up to date with the latest trends in technical communication from both new and experienced speakers!

This year, I have the honor of once again speaking at the colloquium. But this year, I'm doing something else: I'll be giving a 30 minute introduction into the philosophy of language! I hope to meet you in Helsinki in april!

The Meaning of Meaning

Technical communicators write simple and effective content for a wide variety of audiences. But do we ever stop and ask ourselves what we are doing? What does it mean for something to be clear? And while we think that we write content that is meaningful to our readers, what does it mean for text to have a meaning? For these questions, we have to turn to philosophy. Join Willam in this introduction into the philosophy of language and learn what possible worlds and the current king of France have to do with the fundamental way in which we understand language!

More information about the colloquium:

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