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Adobe RoboHelp: Multilevel Lists
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Multilevel lists are an often overlooked RoboHelp feature... a shame because multilevel lists are very powerful. As the name suggests, Multilevel lists allow you to create complex lists with multiple levels. For example: consider what you would have to do if you need a list that uses upper alphanumeric characters on the first level, lower roman on the second level and bullets on the third level.

You can achieve the numbering scheme shown above by using a standard numbered list, but...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Add Custom Location to Open Project Dialog
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One of the great annoyances of RoboHelp for me has always been the Open Project dialog. This dialog shows a list of folders on the left site for easy access. But I never use any of the default folders so that means clicking until I end up at the folder where my projects are stored. Very annoying!

Recording of Beyond the Wizard: Editing HTML5 layouts in RoboHelp 11
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The recording of my webinar Session 2: Beyond the Wizard: Editing HTML5 layouts in RoboHelp 11 is now available via

Add Disqus Commenting to RoboHelp Output
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One of the missing features of RoboHelp output is the ability for readers to comment your topics. There are several free commenting systems available you can use on any website, including RoboHelp output. In a previous post I’ve shown you how to add Facebook commenting to Responsive HTML5 output. In this post I will show you how to add Disqus commenting to Responsive HTML5 output.

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