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Adobe RoboHelp: Multilevel List Sub-Numbering
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A few weeks ago I showed you how you can use multilevel lists to easily create complex lists with multiple levels. But multilevel lists are far more powerful than I could show you in a single article. This week, I'm going to expand on the multi-level list theme by teaching you how to add sub-numbers to lists.

Sub-numbering is important for many procedures and legal documents. You simply can't have sub numbering in RoboHelp...

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This widget requires RoboHelp 11.0.3 or later.
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RoboHelp 11.0.3 changed a great deal in the Responsive HTML5 output. This is great, since it makes the output even better. Unfortunately, this output broke my favorites widgets for Responsive HTML5. I published an update of the widgets to work with RoboHelp version 11.0.3. If you purchased the widgets, you can download the widget from your account...

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