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Adobe RoboHelp: Use Custom Fonts
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When you are creating content for the web, you have to keep in mind that you can only use a limited set of fonts: the Web Safe Fonts. Web Safe Fonts are fonts that are available on all browsers and devices. This includes fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. Other fonts such as Wingdings will only work on specific browsers. In this case, it will only work on Internet Explorer on Windows. This means that you can’t just use...

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Adobe RoboHelp: Embed a YouTube Video
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Last week, Kevin taught you how to embed YouTube videos in your eLearning projects. This week I'm going to keep with the YouTube theme and show you how you can embed YouTube content into your RoboHelp project.

Adobe RoboHelp: In Word We Trust
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If you have attempted to create printed documentation with RoboHelp, there is a good chance you have run into a macro error. RoboHelp uses Word for printed documentation, and this error occurs if Word's security settings don't allow macros.

You can enable macros in Word, but that may not be enough. Some Help Authors receive unspecified errors when generating printed documentation even with macros enabled. To solve this, RoboHelp projects must be added to Word's trusted locations. I'll...

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