RoboHelp Patches and Updates

RoboHelp Patches and Updates

Apart from regular patches, RoboHelp also regularly receives smaller updates and fixes, such as security fixes. These security fixes and small updates are not installed automatically and you need to see the announcements if you don't want to miss them. And when you reinstall RoboHelp, it is always a pain to find all fixes on the various Adobe sites. This page lists all regular patches, security patches and other fixes for Adobe RoboHelp. I will update this page whenever a new fix becomes available.

Did I miss a fix? Please let me know and I will update the article.

Last updated: 2016-12-14

Downloading Old Versions of RoboHelp

If you need an installation of an old RoboHelp-version, download the version from: ​

Installing Patches

This page lists two types of patches: regular patches and hotfixes.


You can recognize patches by version number. You can install patches in RoboHelp by going to Help > Updates.

If that method does not work, you can use the direct download links provided by Adobe and install the patches manually.


  • Hotfixes are separate files that you will have to copy to the correct folders. Every hotfix contains instructions on how to install them.
  • Hotfixes may be provided by third parties (such as me). Hotfixes by third parties are recognizable through the text (Unofficial) in the tables below.


  • I have been assured by Vikram Verma, former product manager of RoboHelp, that all patches are cumulative. You can install only the latest patch and skip earlier ones.
  • A patch includes all hotfixes that were delivered previously.

RoboHelp 2015

2016-??-??Fix for Responsive HTML5 not working in MS Edge
2016-12-13Fix for creating a mobile app with PhoneGap
2016-09-30Patch 12.0.4Revoked
2016-04-12Patch 12.0.3
2015-11-26Patch 12.0.2
2015-11-05Responsive HTML5 XSS vulnerability fix
2015-10-15CSH in WebHelp not working in Firefox 41
29-08-2015Patch 12.0.1

RoboHelp 11

2015-11-05Responsive HTML5 XSS vulnerability fix
2015-10-15CSH in WebHelp not working in Firefox 41

This fix is for RoboHelp 2015 but you can apply it to RoboHelp 11 without changes.

2015-05-15Fix for mobile TOC not working in merged Responsive HTML5 (unofficial)

Download the patched JS file.

Place the file in every output project in the folder template/scripts. Overwrite the existing script.

2015-01-28Patch 11.0.4
2015-01-15Workaround for supporting Firefox 35 with 11.0.3 WebHelp. (Unofficial)

Install patch 11.0.4 instead of this fix.

2014-11-18Hotfix for Screen Layouts and Screen Layout Editor.Install patch 11.0.4 instead of this fix.
2014-09-26Patch 11.0.3
2014-07-10Patch 11.0.2
2014-02-10WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer and Chrome
2014-01-30Fix for reading .isf files made with earlier versions of RoboHelp.

RoboHelp 10

2015-11-02Fix for MS EdgeCourtesy of Adobe: Download the patched JS fle.
2015-02-27Fix for Firefox 35 with WebHelp
2015-01-28Fix for supporting Firefox 35 with WebHelp

Use official fix.

Updated file: whutils.js

2014-02-10WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer and Chrome
2014-01-24WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 11
 WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 10
 WebHelp fix for Chrome 30
2013-03-26Patch 10.0.1
2013-10-08XSS vulnerability fix.

RoboHelp Server 9

2014-03-24Several fixes for WebHelp Pro and FlashHelp Pro

RoboHelp 9

2014-06-14WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 11 (unofficial)IE11 patch for RoboHelp 9
2013-04-24WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 10 (unofficial)IE10 patch for RoboHelp 9 installation
 WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 10
2012-02-14XSS vulnerability fix for RoboHelp for Word.
2011-12-15Patch 9.0.2. There are two variants. Which patch you must install depends on your exact RoboHelp version.

2011-08-09XSS vulnerability fix
2011-05-03Patch 9.0.1

RoboHelp 8 / RoboHelp Server 8

2016-02-11WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 10 and 11 (unofficial)IE 10/11 patch for RoboHelp 8
2013-05-20WebHelp fix for Internet Explorer 10 (unofficial)IE10 patch for RoboHelp 8 installation
2012-02-14XSS vulnerability fix for RoboHelp for Word.
2011-08-09XSS vulnerability fix
2011-05-12XSS vulnerability fix
2010-10-18XSS vulnerability fix.
2010-07-02Update for RH in Technical Communication Suite 2.5 (Captivate 5 compatibility)
2009-11-23Patch 8.0.2
 Patch 8.0.1
2009-09-18Authentication fix for RoboHelp Server
2009-09-09Authentication fix for RoboHelp ServerSuperseded by patch 2009-09-18

RoboHelp 7 / RoboHelp Server 7

2011-05-12XSS vulnerability fix
2010-10-18XSS vulnerability fix.
2009-02-25Patch 7.0.3
2008-05-14Patch 7.0.2
2008-02-26Patch 7.0.1

RoboHelp X5 and earlier

There are several patches available for RoboHelp X5,​ RoboHelp  X3, RoboHelp 2002, RoboHelp 9.2 and RoboHelp 2000. Please see for an overview of all downloads.


You can download all official patches for RoboHelp 7 and up via FTP:

Note that it may take several days after a patch has been released for the patch to be made available on the FTP server.


Sue's picture


sorry if this is a silly question. When you say that the patches need to be installed in the correct order, do you mean oldest first or newest first?


Willam van Weelden's picture

You must install the oldest one first. There used to be/are problems trying to do it the other way round.

Cate's picture


Another "silly" upgrade/patch question....  

  1. I have just run the RH patch and am now current to that version.
  2. Do I now:
  • Check for Adobe updates from the RH Help menu and THEN apply the patch 11.0.2?


  • Just run the Adobe updates from the RH Help menu,


  • Just run the Patch 11.0.2?

Thanks so much!



Willam van Weelden's picture

The update menu does the same as when you manually download the patch and install it. The easiest is to use the Help > Update menu. If the update menu fails for some reason, you may want to try to download the patch from the RH Service Releases site. Otherwise, just ignore the direct download links.

The patches you get from the service site or from the update menu are exactly the same. Only if you have to install lots of patches on multiple pc's, it may be faster to download the patch from the service release site.

Gideon's picture

I am wondering if the CSH not working fix should also work on RoboHelp 9. Currently we have the following issue: Our Webhelp CSH from RH9 shows an empty page in Firefox 41.0.2.

Any tips?


Willam van Weelden's picture

This fix is specific for RoboHelp 2015, so it won't work for RoboHelp 9. The only way to make it working is to backport the fix to RH9.

Richa Arora's picture

Hi, i have installed 2015 version of robohelp, but still the issue is not resolved, still the webhelp generated file is not opening in Firefox v 41.

Do, i need to update the api file.

Willam van Weelden's picture

Do you have patch 2 installed? A fix was released between patch 1 and 2. You can download the patch through the link in the table above.

Diane's picture

I purchased and installed RoboHelp 15.  Since I just purchased it today, it is the "trial version" unitl the credit card transaction clears in a couple days.  I saw this in your info above:



  • I have been assured by Vikram Verma, former product manager of RoboHelp, that all patches are cumulative. You can install only the latest patch and skip earlier ones.
  • A patch includes all hotfixes that were delivered previously.

So, I only installed the latest patch for RoboHelp 2015.  After doing that, the merged TOC still did not show in Firefox.  To the best of my knowledge, I have the latest version of Firefox...I could not find anywhere in the browser to see if it is the latest update (since I guess updates are installed automatically).

So, I thought I would try to install the first patch for RoboHelp 2015...but it said, "Update Failed.  Updates could not be applied."  The error log said:

Adobe RoboHelp 12.0.1 Update
Installation failed. Error Code: U44M2P7
I realize that may be because I installed a later update first.  Anyway, what would you suggest at this point?  Is there any need for me to try to install the earlier updates since I have already installed the latest update?




Willam van Weelden's picture

Hi Diane,

If you install the latest patch, you have all the previous fixes installed as well. It is no longer possible to install another version as that would amount to a downgrade.

As for the Firefox issue, it would seem that the bug is not solved in the latest patch. Did you submit a question on the forums?

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