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You know the problem: You open a RoboHelp project and suddenly you are missing lots of topics. All red crosses in your table of contents and the topic list. But when you look at the files in the project folder, your topics are still there. Manually importing the topics back into the project is tedious.

With this free missing topics fixer script, you can restore your project in a matter of seconds. The script rebuilds your project control files (fpj files) and all your missing topics are fixed.


Sarah's picture

having problems with root.fpj

Willam van Weelden's picture

What kind of problems? This script recreates the root.fpj so I'm hoping the script solved your issue.

klaus rentel's picture

Hi William,
is your Missing topics fixer still available? I could not download it.
Thanks and have a merry christmas

Willam van Weelden's picture

It's still available. Click on the download button and in the right pane, choose for checkout. (The script is free, but uses the checkout mechanism.)

Gabriela 's picture

Hi William,

Thanks for making this tool available. What are the steps for using it?


Willam van Weelden's picture

The steps are described in the ReadMe. Both importing the script and running it are described.

Gabriela's picture

Hi William,

Thanks for your prompt reply. How do I turn the .fpj output of the fixed file back to an .xpj format that RoboHelp can read?

Thanks a lot,


Willam van Weelden's picture

The script fixes the FPJ files but doesn't touch the XPJ. That files contains additional information not found in the FPJ files.

What are you trying to achieve? It seems that you have more problems than a few missing topics. Are you trying to convert an output into a RoboHelp project?

Gabriela's picture

Hi William,

I am dealing with a publication that was originally done in Help and Manual (mh3). The publication has a complex parent-child-grandchild-great-granchild (merged) structure. My goal is to turn the mh3 files into RoboHelp 11 files. So, I have taken the mh3 files and turned them into .chm files which I then decompiled, thus obtaining .hhp files which RoboHelp could then open and hence turn into .xpj files. As I assemble the xpj files in a structure that mimics the original parent-child-grandchild-great-granchild structure, all the links across sections are broken. So I am looking for a method to restore the links as per the original publication. Please advise as to how to go about doing this.

Thanks kindly,


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