Reverse Engineer RoboHelp Project from HTML Help (CHM)

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The HTML Help Recovery script makes recovering a project from your output as simple as a few mouse clicks. Recovering projects with over a thousand topics will take no more time than getting a cup of coffee! And that for the worth of just two hours' work!

What is recovered?

  • All topics, images, scripts, baggage files and style sheets.
  • Browse sequences.
  • Context sensitivity mapping*.
  • Mini TOC placeholder;
  • Modifications to your language file.
  • The glossary.
  • The index.
  • The TOC, including placeholder for merged projects.
  • See Also keywords.
  • Search Synonyms.


  • The HTML Help recovery script can recover project from a CHM file generated by any source, but is optimized for HTML Help generated by RoboHelp 8.
    Looking for a recovery script for another output? See the page Recovery scripts for all available scripts.
  • To be able to use the script you must have RoboHelp 8 or later.

* For recovering context sensitive mapping, you must decompile your CHM with the free Keytools CHM Decompiler. Download link included in project.

Have your projects recovered for you

Do you want a recovered project but you don't want to hassle with scripts? Fortunately I also offer a recovery service. With this service I will recover your project and manually check the quality of the recovered project. See the page RoboHelp Project Recovery for more information.

See the script in action

The following video shows the WebHelp recovery script, but the CHM recovery script works similar.


Michael Salokar's picture

Hello Willam,

We are having issues with a big help file that we currenly only have a CHM for. Will your script work well with Map IDs, popups and expanded text with twistys?

You will be hearing from <edited out>.

Thanks! I'll let you know how the script works for us...





Gabriela 's picture

Hi William,

I have a publication done in Help and Manual (mh3), which contains numerous child projects. My goal is to export the master mh3 file as HTML Help and to then obtain Robohelp 11 files that would then generate responsive output. Does this script have the capability to retain the parent-child folder structure as per the original publication, or would all the projects be turned into parent projects?


Willam van Weelden's picture

I'm not familiar with how Help and Manual manages merged projects, so I'll keep with the recovery script and RH part of things:

The script will retain any merging between your projects. So if you have a master CHM and multiple child CHM's, the recovery script will create a merged project in RoboHelp as well. You will have a RoboHelp project for every recovered CHM. Any links between the CHM files are retained in their separate projects.

If you explain the structure of the Help and Manual project, I may be able to provide a better answer or suggest an alternative route.

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How much do you save?

This Recovery script will recover your projectin minutes. To give you an idea how much this script will save you in terms of money, I've added an estimation of the time it would take me, a seasoned RoboHelp veteran, to recover a project. In the table below you can add your hourly wage and the number or topics in your project. This will give you a good indication of how much it would cost you to recover your project by hand.

Update a value and press ENTER to recalculate your savings.

Total cost to recover manually:   
Total cost to recover via script:€ 49.99€ 49.99€ 49.99
You save:   
Your hourly wage:
Time to import a topic by hand:30 seconds
Time to clean a topic by hand:120 seconds
Time to add topic to TOC by hand:30 seconds
Time to add topic to browse sequence by hand:30 seconds
Time to create and assign context sensitivity by hand:60 seconds
Number of topics:1001000

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