Reverse Engineer RoboHelp Project from RoboHelp 10/11 WebHelp (incl. Pro) Output

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The WebHelp Recovery script makes recovering a project from your output as simple as a few mouse clicks. Recovering projects with over a thousand topics will take no more time than getting a cup of coffee! And that for the worth of just two hours' work!

What is recovered?

  • All topics, images, scripts, baggage files and style sheets.
  • Browse sequences.
  • Context sensitivity mapping.
  • Mini TOC placeholder;
  • Modifications to your language file.
  • The glossary.
  • The index.
  • The TOC, including placeholder for merged projects.
  • See Also keywords.
  • Search Synonyms.


  • The WebHelp recovery script can recover project from WebHelp and WebHelp Pro output generated by RoboHelp 7.
    Looking for a recovery script for another output? See the page Recovery scripts for all available scripts.
  • To be able to use the script you must have RoboHelp 8 or later.

Have your projects recovered for you

Do you want a recovered project but you don't want to hassle with scripts? Fortunately I also offer a recovery service. With this service I will recover your project and manually check the quality of the recovered project. See the page RoboHelp Project Recovery for more information.

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