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Title: RoboHelp ExtendScript Library

The RoboHelp ExtendScript Library is a library with many useful functions and methods to help you create scripts for RoboHelp. With this library you can focus on what your scripts need to do rather than creating methods for handling common tasks. I use the RoboHelp ExtendScript Library as the basis for all my scripts.

This library is free to use, but it also without warranty of any kind. If you need help using the library, don't hesitate to contact me.

The library contains many functions for working with files, robohelp projects, the RoboHelp TokenManager, etcetera. Be sure to check out the documentation.

NoteThis is a scripting library that helps you create your own scripts. It does nothing by itself. You only need this library if you want to create scripts yourself.

Release notes

VersionRelease notes
20160812Release notes 20160812
20140906Release notes 20140906
20130925Release notes 20130925
20130506Release notes 20130506
20121218Release notes 20121218
20120515First full version


The RoboHelp ExtendScript Library is minutely described. Go to the documentation.

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