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With the sitemap generator you allow search engines such as Google and Bing to index your RoboHelp output. This means that readers can find the content in your help using their favourite search engine. This tool is indispensable if you want to optimize your content for search engines.

Use this script to automatically create sitemaps for your output. Generate output with the script or simply set the script to run silently: just generate and the sitemap is created automatically during help generation. Truly a set and forget option!*

The manual contains detailed instructions on how to submit your sitemap to the search engines so that they can pick up your content. This is something you need to set up a single time for search engines to index your output.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is an index of all the pages (topics) and documents on your help. The sitemap helps a search engine to find pages in your help. Adding a sitemap to your help is the first step in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Do you want to know more about SEO? See my slides and webinar on SEO with RoboHelp.

This script creates a so called XML sitemap: a file only suited for search engines. Read more about sitemaps on


YesSupports RoboHelp 8, 9, 10 and 11.
YesSet and forget.* Install once for automatic sitemap creation.
YesIncludes instructions to make your help work with search engines.
YesSupports merged help.
YesAlso adds baggage files to sitemap for even better indexing: Word, Excel and PDF.
YesSupports FlashHelp, FlashHelp Pro, Multiscreen HTML5, Responsive HTML5, WebHelp and WebHelp Pro.

* Automatic sitemap creation only works on RoboHelp 10 and later.

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