RoboHelp ExtendScript LibraryThis page shows documentation for the free RoboHelp ExtendScript library. Download the library.


Release notes 20121218

The RoboHelp Extendscript Library version 20121218 contains several new features and enhancements.

RoboHelp 10 compatibility

The ​RoboHelp ExtendScript Library has been tested against RoboHelp 10 and several scripts have been amended for better compatibility. The ​RoboHelp ExtendScript Library also supports the RoboHelp 10 scripting events.


You can now log messages to an external log file. You don't need to have a RoboHelp project opened to send text to the Output Pod, but you can save the text in a separate file.

Important changes

The RoboHelp ExtendScript Library contains lots of changes for RoboHelp 10 compatibility. The most important is that the global variable libInit has been removed and has been replaced by rhInit. See Global variables

Minor changes

  • The function uniqueid() is added. This function returns a unique id.
  • The array methods .min() and .max() have been rewritten. These function are now many times faster, but they support arrays with numerals only. Do not feed arrays with numerals and other data types.

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