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Release notes 20130506

The RoboHelp Extendscript Library version 20130506 is a maintenance release aimed at making the library more compatible with RoboHelp 10 scripting events. If you are using RoboHelp 10, I highly advise you to upgrade.

Changed library loader

The library now sets all global variables in the function libInit(). This is a very ugly method for setting global variables, but it is the only method I'm currently aware of that makes global variables available while using scripting events.

This function is automatically called when you load the library, but when you are working with RoboHelp 10 scripting events, you need to call this function manually. See Working with RoboHelp 10 scripting events for more information.

Companion functions for custom methods

Custom methods such as .content() and .isEmpty() are not available when using RoboHelp 10 scripting events. Because RoboHelp initiates script differently when using events, custom methods are not added on load. Therefore, the methods from the library are not available when using scripting events.

There is now a companion function for every custom method in the library. If you want to support scripting events, use the functions instead of the methods. See Working with RoboHelp 10 scripting events for more information.

New functions

array_key_exists()Check whether a key exists in a given array.
array_max()Companion function for the method .max()
array_min()Companion function for the method .min()
array_remove()Companion function for the method .remove()
array_toLowerCase()Companion function for the method .toLowerCase()
convertUTF8()Companion function for the method .convertUTF8()
copyFolder()Companion function for the method .copy()
CSH()Companion function for the method .CSH()
file_content()Companion function for the method .content()
getFilesRecursive()Companion function for the method .getFilesRecursive()
isLinkedFile()Companion function for the method .isLinked()
readFile()Companion function for the method .readFile()
safeTagName()Turn a string into a safe XML element name.
ssl_outputDir()Companion function for the method .outputDir()
string_count()Companion function for the method .count()
string_isEmpty()Companion function for the method .isEmpty()
string_toBoolean()Companion function for the method .toBoolean()
token_balancedDelete()Companion function for the method .balancedDelete()
token_hasAttribute()Companion function for the method .hasAttribute()
token_isTag()Companion function for the method .isTag()
trim()Companion function for the method .trim()
writeFile()Companion function for the method .writeFile()
zipFile()Companion function for the method
zipFolder()Companion function for the method


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