Adobe RoboHelp: Remove Temporary Files Automatically
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Some time ago, a poster on the RoboHelp forum had issues with temporary files not being cleand up by RoboHelp. Fortunately, it is very easy to quicly delete all temporary files with the Windows command line. Not everyone knows the command line, but with a simple batch file, you achieve the same effect.

September and October are my 2016 Webinar Months
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Update: The recordings of all webinar sessions are avaialble. Get an overview of all recordings here: Webinar overview

Adobe RoboHelp: The User Defined Variable Converter Script
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User Defined Variables are a great way to manage content that appears frequently in your RoboHelp project. Variables allow you to change all occurrences of say, your company name in your project from a single location.

If you have already created a RoboHelp project but weren't aware of variables, you will be happy to learn that there is a script that quickly converts all occurrences of a word or phrase to a variable.

In my example below, I'm going to use the script to replace...

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Freebie: Adobe RoboHelp Baggage File Report
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Baggage files are attachments for your help system. You use these for attaching PDF-files, Excel, Powerpoint presentations, etc. The only downside is that RoboHelp doesn't have a report function to keep track of all; the places you reference the baggage files in your project.

Adobe RoboHelp Image Replacer Script
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I love automation! I enjoy working smart. But I positively love it to simply to sit back, drink some tea, and have a script do my work for me.

Using JavaScript Syntax Highligher in RoboHelp
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If you write technical help, such as help for developers, there is a good chance that you are familiar with Alex Gorbatchev’s SyntaxHighligher. This nifty JavaScript allows you to easily embed example code with syntax highlighting in web pages. In this tutorial I show you how you can get the SyntaxHighlighter to work in WebHelp created with RoboHelp. The steps in this article work on RoboHelp 9 and later.

Adobe RoboHelp: Filtering WebHelp search results
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At the company I work, many of our applications consist of multiple modules. One of the things we missed in RoboHelp was the ability to search only a specific module. Therefore we’ve added a filter mechanism to the RoboHelp search. This mechanism works on RoboHelp 9, 10 and 11.

The filter just checks whether the topics are in the module indicated by checking the topic title. The filter just checks whether the title starts with the name/abbreviation of the module chosen. If the title...

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