Adobe RoboHelp: Reuse a Customised Layout
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While customizing a Screen Layout in RoboHelp takes a lot of work (you have to add the images, assign the correct colors, etc.), you can get incredible results. Take, for example, the Responsive RedGreen layout, a customized Azure Blue provided by Adobe:


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Recording of Beyond the Wizard: Editing HTML5 layouts in RoboHelp 11
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The recording of my webinar Session 1: Beyond the Wizard: Editing HTML5 layouts in RoboHelp 11 is now available via

In this webinar I show you how to edit Responsive HTML5 Screen Layouts in a way unavailable through the HTML5 editor in RoboHelp. In this webinar I dive into the HTML and CSS code needed to remove the Index and Glossary from a Responsive HTML5 layout. These use cases are a...

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RH10: Show/Hide Navigation Pane Links in Topics
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The WebHelp code has been completely rewritten in RoboHelp 10. This had the unfortunate consequence that some scripts created for RoboHelp 9 did not work. One of these scripts is my script for adding Links for Showing and Hiding the WebHelp Navigation Pane in Topics. This post shows how you can get the same functionality in RoboHelp 10.

WebHelp Toolbar Buttons that Show and Hide the Navigation Pane
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In WebHelp, the buttons for the TOC, index, search and glossary will only make the navigation pane visible: When the TOC is already opened, clicking the TOC button again will not hide the TOC. With the attached script you can create buttons that will show and hide the navigation pane based on the opened pane. For example: You click the TOC button to open the TOC. Click the TOC button again and the navigation pane will be hidden.

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