Adobe RoboHelp: Merging TOCs
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For large help systems, it is common to reuse content in the Table of Contents (TOC) when part of the system uses the same options and/or features.

For instance, you might need to include a common introduction for several modules. With RoboHelp, you can include a topic in multiple locations in the TOC, allowing for easy reuse.

RH10: Show/Hide Navigation Pane Links in Topics
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The WebHelp code has been completely rewritten in RoboHelp 10. This had the unfortunate consequence that some scripts created for RoboHelp 9 did not work. One of these scripts is my script for adding Links for Showing and Hiding the WebHelp Navigation Pane in Topics. This post shows how you can get the same functionality in RoboHelp 10.

Make WebHep TOC Wrap
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Entries in the TOC normally don't wrap when the TOC becomes to small. To get the TOC entries to wrap, you need to modify the output file whthost.js.


Stop WebHelp TOC from Scrolling Horizontally
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If a title in the table of contents is very long, the TOC may automatically scroll horizontally.

To stop this, open whthost.js. Find the function syncInitand locate the line aIdList[aIdList.length-1].focus();. Now comment out the line like this:

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WebHelp Toolbar Buttons that Show and Hide the Navigation Pane
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In WebHelp, the buttons for the TOC, index, search and glossary will only make the navigation pane visible: When the TOC is already opened, clicking the TOC button again will not hide the TOC. With the attached script you can create buttons that will show and hide the navigation pane based on the opened pane. For example: You click the TOC button to open the TOC. Click the TOC button again and the navigation pane will be hidden.

Remove Outline from WebHelp TOC
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When you view the TOC of your WebHelp, you may notice a grey dotted border around items in your TOC. This dotted line is called the outline. In order to remove the outline, you need to modify your output files.

Change WebHelp TOC Highlight
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When you visit a topic, the TOC highlights the visited topic. Normally you can only set the background colour of this highlight. But with some changes to your output files, you can style the highlight any way you like. This means that you need to copy the modified files in your output every time you generate your project.

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