About Me

I'm Willam van Weelden. A philosopher by calling. An IT specialist by profession.

As philosopher I am mostly interested in ethics and political philosophy. I am an admirer of Kant and Fichte, two philosophers whose ethical and political work help me to reflect on day to day decisions. I run a philosophical cafe. Our mission: an easy and fun way for everyone to get into contact with philosophy and others who are interested in philosophy. If you are around, feel free to join our free programs! You can read more on: filosofischcafedordrecht.nl (In Dutch)

Apart from philosophy, I work as a Product Manager at Centric. There, I am responsible for the development, strategic direction and profitability of several of our products. I am pragmatic and goal oriented, always looking to get things done and improve ways of working. My main interest is information management: managing and maintaining information systems, archival and disposition and integrating separate systems.

My greatest strength is that I can translate complex and integrated ideas to different stakeholders. I can explain the knowledge theory of Immanuel Kant to a broad public. But I can also bring complex develepments together into a coherent ane integrated vision that speaks to decision makers, financial controllers, technical colleagues and customers.

Why not take a look at my LinkedIn page to learn more?